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How To Dupe Weapons and Equipment (2 easy methods)


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I see some people asking about duping and I figured I should post this to help you all out.

Fortunately duping is very easy and there are 2 extremely methods to do so and it will probably never get patched. I don't think it can be patched.


You will, however, either need a friend or a 2nd controller.



Method 1) Online


1) Trade or drop the item or items you want to dupe with a friend

2) If you're the host, your friend must save and quit so the game saves for him. If your friend is the host, skip to step 3.

3) Quit the game to the XMB with the PS button. The game won't save for you and you will both have the item(s)


Note: Make sure you don't stand near a FT station or New U station, to avoid saving the game. Don't move too much either. And always backup your saves before doing this. If all else fails, your friend should return your items so you can try again, if not he's a dick and deserves a kick in the groin.




Method 2) Splitscreen (solo)


Before starting, never ever start the game with controller 2 as player 1. This will reset your Badass rank and we don't want to be above rank 30 on Torgue's leaderboard, do we?

So once again, back up your saves and most important your profile save before attempting this.


1) This is pretty much the same. Give the items to P2.

2) Press start with controller 2 and circle to leave. It will save for P2 but not for P1.

3) Now simply quit to the XMB with the PS button and the game won't save for player 1. Now you can dupe again. Since you now have 2 items of the same you will end up with 4 after duping a second time. Magic, isn't it? Sell your most valuable duped items for some quick cash or be nice and give them a friend.



Hope this helps and happy looting ehh... duping I mean. :)



Using the same method you can obtain items from Torgue Vendors and Seraph Vendors for free. Unfortunately you can't sell them back and dupe seraph crystals / torgue tokens but once you have obtained atleast 120 seraph crystals / 613 torgue tokens you can 'buy' their listed items without having to worry about enough currency ever again. So you can actually consider it infinite / unlitimed crystals & tokens. 



1) First thing you want to do is find the item you want. The vendors restock every 20 minutes but quitting and saving and then reloading is what you will be doing. The vendors may not always have the exact same item in stock you want. For example, the Unkempt Harold may not always have the Double Penetrating prefix. The UH itself may not always be listed for sale, the Torgue vendors have different items of the day, the KerBlaster is also one of them, not sure if there are more. The Seraph vendors always have the same item of the day, which is the relic. 

Anyway, once the item you want is for sale, do not buy it yet, first bring a 2nd character with a 2nd controller or ask a friend to join and help you with it.


2) Once the 2nd character is loaded or your friend has joined (the game will save at that point) buy the item with your main character and drop/trade it with your 2nd character/friend. 


3) Save and quit with your 2nd character / have your friend save and quit


4) Now quit to the xmb with the PS button and boot up the game again. Once loaded, you will see you have not spent a single crystal / token and the item you 'bought' is safely stored on your 2nd character. ;) 

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