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Big Iron and 12 Solutions Trophies


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Does anyone know how to earn the "Big Iron" and "12 Solutions" trophies?

They say to complete a level using the handgun and shotgun.

I have completely cleared levels using only the handgun and shotgun with neither popping.

Wondering if anyone had any ideas as far as what exactly is required.

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"Complete the Level with Handgun/Shotgun" - need to complete a level (kill a boss), not the floor. I've get the shotgun trophy by finding a last level password in internet, so there you have a shotgun in almost any case. You just need to kill final boss with a shotgun. A handgun trophy i get by completing 1st level (not floor) Reactor 2 (maybe), other words - first boss, just killed him with a handgun. 


UPDATE: here's my password to Reactor 2, you can do both trophies here - XD**srOoG

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