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[Video] 100% Platinum Walkthough Guide


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890B is a puzzle game based around the interior of a small building. You are guided for the mejority of the game by square blocks which point out the next objective, there are a couple of timed sectioned but the time limit is not very challenging. Overall the game is very simple and the only limit is how fast the character walks!


There are 12 trophies with a platinum in this game, all of the trophies are for natural progression as you play through the game. 


Difficulty: 1/10
Time to Platinum: 45-60 Minutes
Platforms: PS4
Offline trophies: All
Online trophies: None
DLC: None
Number of missable trophies: None




1. SECTION 01 00:00

Talk to Luna

2. SECTION 02 00:18

Explore the atrium

3. SECTION 03 00:32

Find the calculus lab

4. SECTION 04 01:35

Bring Luna her laptop

5. SECTION 05 03:26

Restore the power

6. SECTION 06 09:18

Open the door to the observatory

7. SECTION 07 15:35

Find the electronic board in the atrium

8. SECTION 08 18:15

Hack the board

9. SECTION 09 26:21

Reach the lens in Luna's office

10. SECTION 10 26:36

Compile the script in the observatory

11. THE END 30:14

End the game

12. THE MISSION 30:14 

Unlock all other trophies


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