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Falling With Style

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I found a way to do this trophy very easily, though it does require a little running around and preparation.

First, you need to unlock the western island and the path to the top of ice mountain. Once you have done that, take a dodo feather from west island and place it in the drinking station at the tavern. Then add an orange (or orange looking thing) from the farmer's crops. Wait until the next day, this will create a potion that temporarily allows you to jump high and floaty. Once its made, fill a glass with the drink, but DO NOT DRINK IT. Take the drink to the top of ice mountain, right next to the cauldron. Place it down, then go and get a giant leaf. There should be one just before the mountain gate. Take the leaf to the top, and place it down.

Now, pick up the drink and drink it. Then pick up the leaf and jump onto the cauldron. Face north and jump into the distance, you should go really high with the drink and the potion fueling you. You should get the trophy before you respawn into the sea, but, if you feel you need more time, press the square button to jump off the leaf and get some extra air.

I hope this helps you all out. Good luck, and good gaming

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