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Earning the Plat before 100% (Bug)

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As the title suggests, I ran into a rather unique bug where I popped the Platinum, and yet I'm still missing a trophy.

I recently got Fashion Passion via chapter select which is last trophy I needed, I got the notification saying I unlocked the trophy followed by the platinum, but when I go back to the XMB, check the trophies menu, update PSNProfiles, I'm only 96% and Fashion Passion was 'de-unlocked' so to speak. Has anyone ever had this happen? Would anyone have a suggestion besides replaying an entire chapter? I would go back and replay chapter 14 but I was done with this game long before my first playthrough concluded. Overrated game.

Edit: So it seems turning my PS5 off and coming back to it a few hours later fixed it. And now the trophy is unlocked with the correct timestamp


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now fixed
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