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"The Outer Worlds" (beat the game on any difficulty) trophy bugged?


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Hi everyone,


I started a playthrough of the game on Supernova, beat the game and managed to pop the two difficulty trophies but not "The Outer Worlds," which is the trophy that's obtained by beating the game on any difficulty (which should include Supernova). I reloaded my save, changed the difficulty to easy and played through the final few minutes of the game and still nothing. Anyone else run into this issue and have any fixes? I found one other person that had this issue but with the hard difficulty trophy. I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary, just a lot of save scumming for kills and the different paths. 

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Deleted my saves and ran through the game again on story difficulty and the trophy popped this time around. Still have no idea what happened the first time. The game did crash shortly before the ending sequence (error CE-108255-1) but I have no idea why that would affect the game completion trophy but not the difficulty trophies. 

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