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Heavy Lifter trophy | Solo | any difficulty

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Mission 5 - The Raven

Difficulty: Soldier or higher
Why?    Found the information online to be incomplete and/or vague.


Progress through mission checkpoints until you and O’Neal reunite with Bella and Reid.
Complete the dark garage with 2 (+1) lurkers.
Once completed, O’Neal will be discovered missing, making the squad go outside.

Run through the area, drop down and proceed through hole/grate in right wall.
(Do not bother fighting the Raven, it is impervious to your bullets/damage at this stage)

This is a checkpoint, once you have made it through the hole/grate.
Exit to main menu to force a manual checkpoint save.
(This is for a back up save in case you die during loader boss fight, for whatever reason,
or are unlucky to not pop the trophy due to taking too long)
Sync your save file to the PSN cloud (or USB Stick)
You don’t have to delete Patch 1.05 like some say, I didn’t and method worked fine.

Resume campaign.
Run through the area, drop down and proceed through hole/grate in right wall (again).

Fight the standard Xeno’s , about 8 of them.
Once clear, you will exit this area through a container with hole in floor (#1).
Resupply armour before you drop through.

Sprint through to hole/grate in the wall in front of you to the left-ish.
Fight the standard Xeno’s , about 6 of them.
Enter the (#2) container with a hole in the floor, bulk armour / medipack available.
Move along the left wall of the floor hole, until you get to the open door end.
(facing the objective/boss fight area, massive entry doors currently closed)
At the edge, you can inch forward until you drop ever so slightly.

O’Neal will have opened the boss fight area doors by now and said audio about
"1000 pounds of steel might do the trick”.

if you were gentle enough, you can continue to inch forward carefully until a second drop
happens onto an invisible ledge. If done right, at this point, the Raven charges forward.

Jump back into the container and unload mega damage at your disposal.
The Raven will just mill back and forth underneath you or at the mega door entrance.
Grenades, secondary fires from rifles, ALL YOUR AMMO clips on legendary shotgun,
legendary pulse rifle, battle rifle, normal shotgun and normal pulse.
Basically leave the Raven looking covered in guacamole green from all its blood.
Red hit markers count for damage, grey hit markers means no damage dealt.
After a while, no more hit markers appear, signifying that you have done all you can do.

Once you are spent, backtrack to hole/grate in wall, exit out and turn left.
make the Raven see you and start to advance at you for a chase.
Lead it back to hole/grate in wall.
Sprint back towards and into container, drop down and enter the boss fight area.

Get into loader.
Engage the Raven with loader.
Ignore the standard Xeno's.
Defeat the Raven with loader in record time.
Trophy will pop a few seconds into the cutscene.

Should you, by chance, not get the trophy?
Download PSN cloud save (or USB Stick) for a repeat effort.
If you died during the loader boss fight? The checkpoint and opportunity has been lost

to damage the raven prior to getting into loader. Therefore download back up save.


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