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I am able to buy USED disc Legacy Edition Version in the local store for just 12$. I see on the cover that this edition include Modern Warfare Remastered (in which I am highly interested). On the auction there is a photo with “interior” of the physical disc and on the left where usually there are instructions/maps etc. is a paper sheet saying that the CoS MWR will be only available digitally when the CoD IW will be inserted into the console. Can anybody describe the way in which is the CoD MWR obtainable? Is it code that we put into ps Store or is there some option to download it when we launch CoD IW from disc? I am really curious if I can get two birds with one stone from this deal.

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The below is not correct. I played both games at the end of 2022.

On 9/15/2023 at 2:03 AM, IronBraeuni said:

The codes are all expired in 2019 so u have to buy the game itself, it’s currently on sale for the half (20€) for me 

I won an auction at a local Poland store (allegro) on which I found the Infinity Warfare Legacy Edition with Modern Warfare Remastered.
The game was brand new and came with foil on it. 
I checked for the Modern Warfare Remastered first. It asked me to put the disc into the console, and then automatically I was transferred to the CoD: MWR page on the PS Store where I just had to "Claim" the game.
After claiming the game started to download and despite being fully digital it was asking me to put the disc into the console whenever I wanted to play it.
Infinity Warfare played just normal, I only had to download the patch - even "special" bonuses were granted without putting special code.

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