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NFS heat Warp speed trophy not popping


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I have tried to get this trophy multiple times using the overpowered RSR, i've gone over 300 mph and the trophy didn't pop. 

All help is appreciated.  

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i was actually in the wrong setting bc i was in kph instead of mph. I changed the setting and got the trophy, thank you for the tip
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I haven't tried the RSR myself but 300 mph sounds like an impossible speed to achieve in this game. Silly question but are you not confusing kph and mph?

People usually say this trophy is done easily with a bone stock Regera. I didn't want to spend 1.2M on this crap so I did it with the maxed out BMW M3 GTR from NFSMW.

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Yeah I know the RSR is top tier in the game, but the EVO IX is also very good and I picked the latter.


I don't think the RSR can hit 240mph / 386kmh for the trophy, that's why the Regera is usually recommended. But if you unlock enough Ultimate(+) parts and buy the most powerful V8 engine swap, the NFSMW BMW M3 GTR can do it (I reached 394kph).

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