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Wind Hills - Missing 1 Fruit


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I have completed everything in the Wind Hills level (6 letters, 200 seeds), except I am missing 1 fruit (49/50). According to the fruit list, the fruit I am missing is "#12 - Strawberry - Tremor in the Ruins." The radar and map labels show a red fruit missing in the West Hills area, where they are nine tremors (the eyeball things) on a patch of land that turns blue as soon as you spread Togges on it (and it clears the Togges after a period of time). In other areas, you can quickly spread on the eyes and if you are fast enough they clear. I am assuming the goal is to clear them out to get the fruit to appear?


I have tried just about everything. Using Black Togges, I can get all the tremors to disappear at once, but nothing happens and they all re-spawn. Is there some kind of specific order to hit the tremors in? They are connected via strange wires. I tried using the order they light up in when you first touch the patch of land, but no luck. The Lord of Doors gives a vague hint about how electricity deactivates the wind mills and how that will disable the security (the tremors?), but I tried deactivating all 26 wind mills (not easy to do, are there 26 total?) and that did not work. Direct electricity on the tremors also did nothing.


Was anyone able to get this fruit? Or is this a bug? I am playing on the 1.002.000 build.

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SOLVED IT: So I was able to figure it out! For anyone else stuck on this one, the solution is to use the boomerang. This delays how soon the platform turns blue (which clears the Togges after some time). Get a stack of 3 Togges with the boomerang off the platform, then move on to the platform and have the boomerang / stack follow you around. This will hit the five tremors (eyes) on the lower level. It might take a few tries to get them quickly. For the four tremors on the upper level, you can use the boomerang again, or stomp them. The Togges on the lower level might hit the platform, but if you are quick enough, you should get all the tremors (eyes) and the Strawberry will appear nearby.

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