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Harv foxes


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I think you are missing Ninetales. He is the fox under the pink tree in Below Woods at the bottom, in the Zen Garden with the lanterns who gives you the quest. He says that they are a family of nine foxes. He doesn't mention that he is one of those nine and you need to spread Togges near him to get him to count!


The other 8 foxes can be found around the level in the following locations:

  1. Harv: Under some snow in a nook at the base of the area
  2. White Woods: In the middle of the thick trunks of the big white birch trees
  3. Frozen Lake: In a thick bamboo forest (use the shuriken to clear it)
  4. Frozen Lake: Sitting on a ledge, behind a screen overlooking the lake, near the fisherman
  5. Below Woods: At the top of some green tree branches, on the furthest one
  6. Below Woods: Hiding behind some screens, right by a U-shaped stream
  7. Below Woods: Next to a waterfall and falling yellow leaves, around the corner from the Triplets
  8. Snow Field: Under some snow near a pond to the left of where the ship lands

Hope this helps you out!

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