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All For One trophy implementation.


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Hey guys. After some failed attempts to get into a lvl50 crew, I decided to grind on my own all the way up to max lvl. I took the leadership of the automatic crew I were assigned to and now I am working on All For One. Anyways...


I would like to know what other people going for the platinum think about this system. I have never had the experience of seeing other players, who started to play the game the same day I did, and being able to compare our progress.


The crew started in 16/2 (~five days ago) for everyone. I have 90% of the trophies and the crew is at lvl40 at the moment. My main 488 Pista is fully upgraded to Supreme+ and I am doing 1.5 milion Rep every night (~30min per run). At this moment I am the only one in the crew in the endgame and most of them have 10 to 15% of the trophies and are playing by day most of the time they are online.


It is kinda weird working on a collective trophy that will unlock for 30 people at the same time and being able to really see the difference between casual players and someone like me who's working on the plat. I never had this experience before.


So, what do you think about this multiplayer trophy implementation?

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I had a burnout... I don't care anymore. This trophy made me grind for at least 30 hours, doing the same mind numbing loop every night. I decided to ban everyone that hasn't played the game in the last 3 days.


I have 40 million total rep, which means that at lvl 46, the crew still needs 19 million to reach lvl 50, and the total amount needed to get to max lvl is around 65 million. I had enough, and I am not risking my mental health on a single silver trophy.


I will play something else for now, and I will return tomorrow. If the rest of the crew don't get at least 1 million by then, I will ban everyone...

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