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Worth it?


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I very recently played through the game myself;


For trophy hunting? Yeah, I'd do it. 125 is probably not worth it but 70-80 won't take you too long. Plus every level you Master in this one unlocks two bronzes if you import your profile into Hitman 3.


If you played the first one in this reboot trilogy you might be annoyed to have to completely re-do all the Legacy missions from that, that save doesn't carry over. I left a big enough gap between the two games for it not to be too annoying.


As for the actual game? Yeah, it's good. Lots of dark humour makes up for a plot you won't find yourself caring about. The levels are playgrounds with around 6 'story' kills to play through each. Guided assassinations. Every level also has completely hidden unique kills too, as well as ways to improvise.


Don't bother with the Expansion Pass until you know you're really into the game. From a trophy hunting perspective it's a whole additional trophy listing that you can just delete off of your profile once you're done with the base game.


Weird things though; Singapore is in the Expansion pass but listed in the base game (annoying) and for some reason the Himmelstein mission needs to be purchased again to play inside Hitman 3 even though I had it in 2.

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I don't recommend trying to go back to Hitman 2 or Hitman 2016 now. All the content from those two games plus Hitman 3 can be played by purchasing Hitman World of Assassination and the deluxe pack, so unless you have a personal attachment to the series or just REALLY want all those trophies, I don't think it's worth it. It's important to know that this is not a quick game to complete. If you haven't played the new Hitman games and aren't familiar with the how everything works, you're probably looking at close to 100 hours for the 100%. The devs delisted it and packaged everything into Hitman 3 for a reason; getting access to all the content in Hitman 2 is a confusing mess and it's even worse now. Better to save yourself the headache and just purchase and play everything in World of Assassination in my opinion. Best of luck either way.

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