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The Following glitch


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I seem to have gotten bugged out of the DLC, whenever I select Continue though The Following's menu, it keeps putting me at the beginning of the main campaign. It won't put me back in the DLC, not even if I select Play and try to start the DLC again, it will just put me at the Sibling's chapter of the main campaign

I heard that to fix this, someone in the DLC has to invite you is it true?

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Well to answer my own questions, yes it's true. I just had someone invite me

I then paused the game, Dropped out, then went into the main menu.

Went into Play > The Following

And started the following DLC all over again. Thankfully I wasn't too far ahead in the story before it glitched out on me
This game is bugged to hell. I hope nobody gets to experience this glitch

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