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dlc trophies glitched goodway?


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i got everything in plover island complex and trophies popped normally. when i traveled to main area to get the rest 3 trophies popped. i can handle the thruth, fan fare and perfect timing. i didnt do anything and now i hope i dont get flagged. all 3 got same time stamp.  I still need to kill the atomic leviathan for apex eater trophy. So gliched in a goodway but not really.

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There seem to be several bugs related to trophies in the dlc. Some people report they have a 100% for both areas, but not all trophies unlocking despite requirements being met. This thread discusses some of the issues. As you can see, the glitch you experienced also happened to someone else:


On 22/12/2022 at 8:18 PM, NathanielJohn said:

Uh, has anyone had trophies in the DLC glitch in a good way? I just played through the DLC -- finished the main story and then started doing cleanup. After getting everything in Plover Island (for the "Island Queen" trophy), I travelled back to the mainland and my final two trophies ("Fan Fare" and "I Can Handle the Truth!") unlocked immediately after the mainland loaded in, even though I had only eaten 3 of the 10 questers (the 3 at Plover Island).


Because this glitch has happened to others as well, you don't have to worry about being flagged. If someone does report your timestamps, the CRT will take a look to see if the report is correct. You can always link both this thread and this thread in your appeal if something does happen to illustrate this is a known glitch.

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