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Puyo King AFK Grind

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It's possible to AFK the Puyo King 50k and Puyo King 100k trophies. To do this, go to main menu, solo, challenge, tiny puyo, and choose a character. Change the time count to none under game setting, change the handicap to sweet so only 3 colours of puyo appear, then start. Now you need to find a way to hold down both down and right dpad butttons at the same time. Personally I used the PS5 accessibility settings to remap down and right dpad buttons to L2 and R2, then I just stand my PS5 controller upside down so it's sitting on the L2 and R2 buttons and the game will farm puyos for you. Whenever you want to stop so you can save your progress just let the puyos stack to the top of the screen and fail the game, then once the game says updating records it will also update the trophy tracker progress. 

Happy farming!

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