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Upgrading your team question

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Hello everyone, 


Just a quick question in regards to levelling up your team members. After looking at the trophies, it seems some of the kill trophies from your team mates happen when you unlock a late chapter. With that in mind how do you choose who to upgrade otherwise?


By this I mean I know there is a trophy for levelling up/upgrading your team to full, but right now I am at the very start of chapter 4, I have the second upgrade form Peter but only the first for each team member which I think comes as standard. So is there enough XP in the game to level up your team and is it a case of getting enough points and then choosing who to upgrade. Apologies if this question comes cross as dumb or confusing, the game has my head a little mashed at the moment. 

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Yes you will get plenty of XP to get all team members all 3 skills.  There 4th skill comes later in the game automatically.  You will have plenty of XP to max everyone out.

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