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Infinite Juggle combo


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Great DLC, and free to boot!


It was nice coming back to this great game.


Incase anyone was wondering, Boss Rush is pretty simple, I discovered an infinite juggle combo that makes the game even easier, with one of the new characters She-Wolf.

Don't think the devs didn't tested the new characters too well, She Wolf's running attack is so fast to pull off and it hits very low on the ground, meaning that you can easily lift enemies off the floor. Works on pretty much every enemy except one of the bosses. You can also diagonal slide into any boss and then start juggling them, which is useful for most bosses on the final phase where they tend to break your combo almost immediately (especially that pig boss)


This was my first attempt, didn't even lose a life. Easy!


[edit] Oops, just noticed I cut off the first boss, the fishing guy by mistake. Oh well, not that it matters.



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