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Dominion Trophy Tips (Update July 2023)

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So i just got the game and this was my first trophy, at first time i just played normal and actually won 5 in a row (that you dont really need) and no trophy so i kept playing until 16 wins and 14 losses (i started playing kinda dumb just to farm some matches) and i saw someone posting about play Split Screen and i did it and my first match that i lost i got the trophy. 

I cant say i really got it because i was playing split screen or it was just luck.


But i was going to try to:

- Boost with 6 people(or 3 people with 2 controllers) and start infected games and gun games because i think these game modes are better to register the wins you need.

- Boost the same method but with VPN online from Japan

- Just play some matches with VPN online

- And in last case if nothing works i was thinking in just play the game because everytime i see someone with like 50-150wins i was checking their profiles to see if the got the trophy and all of them got it so i was like ah i will get it randomly sometime.


hope this helps since i cant find specific videos about it and sorry for my bad english since im brazilian and not a english speaker but i tried my best to write this without google translate

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I can confirm that after getting 10 wins or so on NA servers on Team Death Match. The trophy popped for me after winning a Gun game in Japanese Servers.


Brazilian and Hon Kong servers didn't work.

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