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“Homo homini lupus est” 2023


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I was able to do the trophy in around 2 hours with this method it mostly depends on luck but it is quicker than restarting. Create a new save at the chapter “pact with Rais” using the advanced settings. Play up to the part in story where you contact the GRE after that do the loop around the compound twice (if you find rais men encounter attacking civilians on the way to the compound restart ,it is fine if it’s anything else). If you find a random encounter with anything else finish it and once the auto save has done its job, close the game. Now restart the game and press continue. You should be in the compound and you should be holding the weapon you were holding before contacting the GRE. If everything is correct you should have created a save which you can reload each time for a different encounter (  you will get an encounter each time it always spawns the second time around) it’s a random chance if you get the Rais men attacking civilians but if you get one make sure to wait for the auto save then close game. I would also recommend picking up the rusty hook knife before entering the building in the compound as you won’t have any 
Skills when you fight them.

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