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How hard is this game for the plat?

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There are no platinum walkthrough guides out there but there is plenty of stuff if you google around that will tell you what the perfect wine is and when to harvest etc. and some little tips and tricks.


For the challenge trophies I finished them with plenty of spare time - and you can load a save game if you screw something up badly to get back to a better point.  Basically if you push borrowing money to get your cashflow up with multiple wineries w/out overinvesting in uneeded upgrades the bank coming in lets you target the achievements you need.  Selling a whole lot of average wine brings in plenty so you can have one winery doing that while you focus the other ones on making high quality stuff.  If you are OK at sims then should be relatively straightforward with a little bit of trial and error.

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It's not too hard. Definitely easier than other sims I've played. Most trophies can be achieved via the challenges. The challenges can seem challenging, but once you get a good strategy, they're definitely doable with plenty of time to spare. Biggest issue I had was corrupted save files meaning I had to restart from scratch multiple times. I don't know if it's connected, but it seemed to happen the most after unlocking bottle ageing and battonage, so consider saving before unlocking those to save some time and frustration.

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