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I got this game at a deep discount, I think like $1.50, this game is fun, but it crashes a lot on ps5, and like a previous post mentioned it created a corrupted save that would make me start at the beginning of the last area if anything happened like it crashing, or playing another game. I deleted it with just 1 normal trophy left after trying 5 times.

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12 hours ago, Mendarxis said:

I platinumed Thief Simulator without the game crashing even once.

lucky, it happened to me three times in total and a few times it really hurt.
So far the only thing preventing me from moving on with the story is trying to get eggs to spawn and consoles. one more egg and one or two more consoles.

and it crashed again, another three and a half hours down the drain after getting lots done in the warehouse area and getting more than half done the farming quest. back to getting the camera footage.

Add to that I got the beat the game trophy and continued on with the story only for it to crash when I went to the menu and now I have to replay a few missions, followed by all the farm missions and the painting one. screw this shit.

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