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Designers Delight [Updated Method]


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This is an updated version of Nameless600's version of the guide, confirming the best methods on how to get the Designers Delight trophy.

1. Before going for this trophy I strongly recommend you have 100 Gold bricks and go for the rest of the misc trophies as you will passively get lots of bricks unlocked. 

2. Troublemakers spawn randomly in random generated worlds meaning custom worlds wont spawn any. They either have a Gold brick or a regular brick, they will run away from you when chased and will drop the item they're holding when caught. Only 10 troublemakers can spawn per world, meaning after you capture 10 they wont spawn anymore.

3. Night traders spawn in random generated worlds and only at night. They have a chance at selling bricks in the top right corner however it is not guaranteed. They also sell other important items such as gold bricks and hearts. Both the Troublemakers and Night traders have the same bricks so when you have completed the Troublemaker you have completed the Night trader.

4. Chests spawn randomly in the world and come in many variations but give the same stuff except for dungeon chests which only give items. They can give 3 things: gear, bricks and sets - it is important to go after any chest you see as there are so many items that a chest can give you that it will take a long time to get all the chest specific bricks. 

5. Firstly farm Troublemakers and Night traders, to make an efficient farm setup follow these steps:

  • Create a random generated world.
  • Create a  pillar with the largest terrain option and make a 3x3 square high in the sky to ensure that troublemakers wont spawn below.
  • Place your character on the edge so that the camera is looking at the platform.
  • Every 4 - 6 minutes a troublemaker will spawn (You don't need to be looking away they just spawn right infront of you)
  • No matter if its a Gold brick or regular capture them so another one can spawn. 
  • While doing this, when a Night trader spawns check if they are selling a brick and buy it if so.
  • Once you have captured 10 troublemakers leave and repeat.
  • When the Troublemakers stop giving you bricks and starts giving you items you have got all of the Troublemaker and Night trader specific bricks.


6. Now that you have got all the Troublemaker and Night trader bricks you will have to grind for Chests specific bricks. Use this world code to farm chests: 238-935-56 G and watch Killarpong's Designer Delight video to learn the route. There are 7 chests in the spawn area allowing you to farm them quickly. 


7. While opening chests you'll get sets and bricks, but mostly sets. After a while of you opening chests, once you get to the QR codes for legendary bricks you are in reach of the trophy. You will start to get items now once you have completed all sets that you can get from the chests, don't worry because they will still drop the bricks you need. You will also need the road segments that are at the bottom of the tiles group. 

8. And finally you're done. No DLC is required for this trophy. 

Hope this method has helped and thank you to Nameless600 for giving me a detailed guide before this.

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