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Having Trophy Problems

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Hey, so i'm having a few problems with the trophies and curious if anyone else is struggling or knows a fix.


I decided i wanna get back into fall guys and finally earn the platinum this time around but when i got to the main menu the previous 22 trophies i earned didn't autopop, so i tried restarting the game that didn't work. Then i thought i'll try earn a trophy to see if the rest unlock, so i jumped in a game a earned Big Tease & Show Off, two trophies i didn't have. Then i realised the trophy for winning didn't pop, a trophy i did earn before, so i equipped a new cosmetic and that trophy also didn't pop. I am now worried the 22 trophies i earned before will no longer unlock :<


If anyone can help i would be very thankful.

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They will unlock only if you switch account to a brand new one.

Sadly if you use an account that already onlocked achievement for the game on another platform/ console it will lock you out of getting it on the same account 

Just switch epic games account and sadly start over 

If you do that you can get the platinum with time 

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