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Graphics errors

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I'm playing through the game on my PS4 for the first time and I'm experiencing a LOT of graphics glitches. Skybox errors, textures that aren't loading, pixelated surfaces, white dots and bars, and screen tearing, none of which ever occurred on Xbox One when I played it on there. This is the ONLY game it's doing this with so I know its not my PS4. 


Has anyone else experienced this?

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Those problems exist since launch and were never fixed. Freezes, framerate stutter and textures taking a long time loading every time you transition areas (which for a game with heavy amounts of backtrack is even more noticeable). Animations not playing properly and clipping through the environment and your own character model. Input lag almost as bad as Dark Souls 1 and 2.


Jedi Survivor got a lot of deserved flack for how broken it was on PC but somehow Fallen Order didn't get any of that even though it was only marginally better and is still broken on pretty much every console and on PC.


This video shows some of the problems that were never fixed and are easily replicated: 


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