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Blackout *Advanced* Little Guide (UPDATED AUG 2023)


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Hello im doing this because every video/guide i used to get blackout characters is really old

So i started this game this week with 3 friends and we did every character for everyone in a week 

recommend 3-4 people to make every character easier too


Starting with


MASON: you can only do mason palying hot n heavy or normal modes (solo/quads) i HIGHLY recommend you do this playing HEAVY METAL HEROES, yeah heavy meteal heros and not HOT PURSUIT, this is because hot pursuit the game itself will 99% of the times drop just weapons/normal itens on the stashes. if you check by yourself videos of people unlocking Mason on youtube i only find ONE GUY unlocking it playing hot pursuit so just play heavy metal and search for mustang cars and turn on the song real quickly to see the green light of the stashes (yeah i discovered after 2 days going for mason you can see the stashes playing heavy metal)


SHAW: i did this playing solo with 2 friends, just the same as the old guides, we dropped on Dinner near nuketown and waited for zombies there or just find a car and go near the blue beam to find the zombies, nothing much to say. But now you can do that playing Alcatraz and still the same but we got a hard time there because so much people land near the mystery box.


MENENDEZ: this one is 10x easier playing alcatraz, i dont know if we got lucky but 5 out of 10 stashes we got his item, just start the match looking for a shotgun and go running the fast as you can for supply drop and after that just combine with your friends where you can get the kills


RICHTOFEN/TAKEO/NIKOLAI: Nothing much to say it stills the same, just find the item and stay alive hiding the whole match running away from gun fights


DEMPSEY: we did it playing normal solo/quads match, just land near nuketown bunker entrance and the juggernog bottle is always there (9 out of 10 matches it will be there) and search the bunker for a cluster granade or a normal frag and get the kill, really easy


SCARLETT: Same strategy as shaw we just landed on dinner every time because there is a car there and start killing zombies until you see the item


DIEGO: Same as scarlett. it can be done playing alcatraz too


BRUNO: you will probably find his item going for menendez, after you find it just punch someone until death to unlock it. we did it playing alcatraz since there is alot of supply drops


REZNOV: Just land near raid and check the two places there, if you find the item go running to 1F (check the map) and there is a mountain there, just wait there and your friend can go all the way back until you feel like it will be 200m, after that just hide and run away from gunfights until you really need to


WOODS: there isnt a really good tip for this one, just land there and grab the bandanna really fast and hop into the helicopter, i used to fly behind hydro dam and YOU hide the whole match and in the end your friends need to die for you if needed because you need to win not dying the whole match.

Tips in genereal: using 2 controllers is good for alcatraz since you can just hide one and use him for kills/deaths if you dont have 4 people to play with


If you are playing hot n heavy or alcatraz, if you die with the item you can still do the mission and it will unlock (except for woods of course) but what i mean is: my friend found mason shirt and he died going for Array to press the button, and i said ah just respawn and go for array button and he did it so i placed top 4 and he unlocked mason. i heard this glitch only works playing Alcatraz but just confirming you can do the same playing hot n heavy.

Any question or any tips just comment here or just message me and i will reply with more information if needed

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The tip about using Heavy Metal Heroes for Mason / Stained Shirt is GOLD. Thank you for this. I played dozens of normal matches and never found that shirt even once - but driving a Mustang in Heavy Metal Heroes matches, I found that shirt in 50% of the matches I was in.


Again - best tip of 2023. Gold!


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