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Video/Tips for Platinum in <5 Hours

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For anyone interested in doing this as efficiently as possible, here's a path to complete this game in under 5 hours.  My time was 3h47m:



Some tips:


The trophy list just requires that you complete all levels in all modes, get all the cousins, get the King and Queen, and collect 2,000 of the 2,986 unique items.   The 2,000 items will come naturally.  Only 1 new cousin will appear on each level playthrough, so for the ones that have more cousins than modes you'll have to do an extra run.  In total, if you get the King and Queen the first chance you get and all the cousins as they come up, you'll have to make 58 katamaris at a minimum.


Some helpful info:

Soccer Boy:  first time through, Ace is the goal.  If you immediately switch to Ace and play the level again, you'll get Slip instead (Ace can't appear if he's rolling the ball).


Srategic Quitting:  On most levels you can finish early, either by pausing and pressing square or by completing an objective at a certain size.  The minimums are below, just make sure you hit at least that amount because quitting before this will result in having to do the whole level again.

Make a Planet Levels 1-5:  15cm, 40cm, 3m, 12m and 500m.

Flower Level:  617 flowers.

Float Boy: 80cm.

Sweets: 1.3m, pick up the boy and girl.  This applies for both versions.

Campfire:  1.5m, 3m and 6m, campfire is in the middle on the hill.

School: 1.5m.

Sumo:  133kg, 205kg and 296kg.  Sumo is on the stage in the school yard.

Cranes: 500 cranes.

Fireflies: 1.5m, pick up the reader at the top of the hill.

Animals: 150 animals.

Clouds:  50 clouds.

Black Dog:  100 Cosmos.

Race: 5m. 

Panda Guy:  You can quit this level at like $10 and it will count, but you have to at least be 90 cm to get Odeon.

Just Right:  the King won't let you quit if you're too small, so just keep trying and you'll pass whenever he lets you leave.  This applies on all 3 sizes.


Limited to 50: You can't fail this level, any 50 items will do.  You can't quit early either.

Cowbear:  Thankfully, you don't have to catch the cowbear for this, you can just get Daisy on the road and move on.

Credits:  there is no minimum to pass this, 0 is fine.  It's unskippable, though.

Meteor:  I don't know what the minimum number of countries is, but I think it's pretty close to the 195.  You do have to pick up the meteor before it hits to pass the level though.

Cousins:  Ace and Dipp are super obnoxious to catch, so make sure you play as one of them so you don't have to catch them both!


Royal Reverie:  This is the new content and has 5 "new" levels. 

Ballerina: You need to be 1.9m to pick them up.  4 of them will spawn randomly, I've never seen 2 in the same area though, so if you find one in the water you can probably move to a different area for your next one.   It's not timed, so no rush. 

Wheels: You MUST let the timer run out for the level to count, you can't quit like the previous race level. 

Music: You don't need all 5 instruments to pass, you can just get the recorder in the first area then bonk a ghost and move on.


I think that's everything.  Good luck and stay bad!

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