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can't join my friends, what can I do?


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I'm trying to boost the online trophies with a few friends, we did both Hangman's Loose and Bomb Da Base 2 with no trouble, but when it got to Deal Breaker, we just can't join the same session, it either says the session doesn't exist, someone gets to join but another one gets timed out even though he just got in as well, it's not like just a Deal Breaker issue, we can't all join the same session in whatever mode we try to play in, is there anything to fix this?

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On 10/16/2023 at 10:27 PM, ghost26rus said:

btw have you tried log out though XMB menu and log in with your phone? It always worked for me.

I have only faced this problem once, but after restarting my console the problem disappeared. 

sorry for the very late reply, but I have heard about it I think it was yesterday, once this problem started happening, I tried it and it worked, thanks for the answer though!

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