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I've seen a lot of information regarding this game's trophies/achievements online, so I tought about writing some tips here to make things easier for you. Keep in mind that this post it's exclusively related to trophies, I'm not here to give you gameplay tips or teach you how to play.


I'm sure you've already seen threads about how buggy the trophies are, and they truly are. Some trophies can take up to ~45 minutes to unlock, they're not unobtanaible so it all boils down to patience. First of all, back up your saves frequently. I can't speak for others when it comes to bugs, but for me the game crashed several times, and half of those crashes resulted in my save getting corrupted. The game doesn't have manual saves so all your progress could be gone in an instant if the game crashes. The easiest way to avoid this is to back up your saves regularly, either using PS+ or a USB stick.


Make a save before going to the Shuttle and back it up. The space shuttle can be found on the northern map; 'The Glare'. You can enter this map and clear it, but don't go near The Shuttle. This is probably the most important part of the guide and the one that will save you from having to start the whole game all over if one of the final trophies doesn't unlock. Why you may ask? Simple, if you press continue on the main menu after the game ends, the save will switch to 'exploration mode' and the trophies will be disabled, any trophies you're missing will be impossible to unlock and you'll be forced to start a new game. The only trophy this doesn't apply to is :bronze: Revisionist.



  • :gold: I Am Complete.


Shards can be found on 'Points of Interest' (white tilted squares on your map) and inside Corrupted Nests. If you use your vision (:r2:), the Shard will be marked with a yellow outline (similar to boxes, bags and containers). You should have 131 shards before reaching the Shuttle, as the last one will be next to it. If you already cleared the whole map and are still missing 4 shards instead of 1 then you've very likely missed the following:

- Warming 2.

- Warming 5.

- Quickness 4.


If you already collected them and are still missing more than 1 shard then you'll have to check every PoI again.



  • :silver: Rememberance.


Make sure you have all the Dreams of the 'How High' section before approaching The Wreck. Make sure you have 43 dreams and max trust before approaching The Shuttle.


The Dreams gallery can be seen in the main menu. Load your saved game, press :start:and return to the main menu and the button will appear.

Dreams unlock randomly when you rest by a fireplace, from what I found online they have a 33% chance of playing every time you rest, so they may take a while to unlock. Make sure you have enough wood and food before attempting this. You can unlock 42 dreams by resting, the 43 will be unlocked when you visit The Wreck.

The 'How High' section is important to The Wreck. You can only see 4 of the 5 Dreams when you rest, the fifth is unlocked when you visit The Wreck. You'll void the trophy if you visit it before unlocking all 4 Dreams.

You must have 43 Dreams unlocked before reaching the Space Shuttle on The Glare map. The remaining Dreams are unlocked as part of the story, so you can't miss them. If you finish the game before unlocking the 42 Dreams, you'll render the trophy unobtainable and be forced to start a new game. Luckily, once you start a new game you only need to unlock the missing Dreams for the trophy to unlock, so you don't need to play the whole game again.




  • :silver: All The Lonely People and :gold: True Leader.


You can find 4 followers in 'Events' on each of the following maps: The Flats, The Peaks, The Prairie and The Pit. The other 4 will appear in your settlement after you purify an outpost. I've read a lot about what it takes for the later followers to appear but in my experience they do it after purifying an outpost. The game was pretty consistent about this, so I'm inclined to believe that's the case. Trust is earned over time, just make sure your followers are happy by providing them with food and wood. You must have 4 conversations in total with each follower, after that they will become Experts, which indicates that you have reached maximum trust.


You can have all 8 followers with you at the same time in the same playthrough, but they may start fighting each other if someone has low morale. Make sure you build huts and have enough food and wood to avoid this, as this will make the conversation take longer to appear.



  • :gold: Rupture and :bronze: Revisionist.


As previously mentioned, you can get :bronze: Revisionist after you've finished the game. You can press Continue on the main menu to see the alternative ending and the trophy will unlock normally. This however, doesn't apply to :gold: Rupture. If you entered the crypt and the trophy didn't unlock then you'll be forced to start the entire game all over again unless you have a backup of a previous save, as the one on your console will switch to exploration mode, rendering the trophy unobtainable.



And that's pretty much it. The rest of the trophies are pretty straightforward and you'll most likely unlock them by playing normally (unless you go out of your way not to unlock them).


See you later, rascals 👋.

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