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Dont get Level 50 weapons for Turning up the Heat

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Hello, I am missing my last trophy, which is Turning up the Heat. I am grinding Ghost ship: Chaos for it but I don't seem to get any Level 50 weapons from it. My Loot ranges from 47 - 49.

The route I am taking is through the Casino and pool area, through the promenade, up the deck and beat up to the normal Norman fight to get the loot when the fake goal appears. I quit out before Shadow Norman.


But I didn't get any Level 50 weapon so far, especially not a gun that would net you the trophy. Is there anything I could be making wrong? Anything I should change? Or am I just having extremely bad luck with the loot rolls?


//Seems like you can't get level 50 guns from the final cases. I managed to get the trophy on a run where I got 3 optional cases: In the underwater Area, up the elevator and in the pool area

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