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Lessons Learned in My Two Day, Eleven Hours Platinum Journey


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Since the game is leaving PS+ very soon I thought I add a few tips I did not see posted anywhere when I decided to go for this Platinum and learned myself.


Note I played this on the PS4 console with System Software 11.02 after reading on a YouTube channel that PS5 input was "off" - I cannot say if true or not, but I 'felt' like I had a easier time on my PS4


1) As recommended, Upgrade the four items regarding Health and Katana Guage in the 'teal' section. Then only upgrade the following: Divine Wind, Zanshin Attack, Iai Strike, Florish, and maybe Hand-to-Hand Combat. Unlocking any of the other attacks adds frustration of accidentally using the move because you're trying to run at an enemy or different input. Best to unlock them after you finished all other trophies as you will basically never be using them if following the trophy guide's techniques.


2) After fighting the awful camera positioning resulting in many Game Over screens, I at one point just let the camera stay behind facing off stage. It was noticed that I was not being attacked when the screen was facing away of the enemies. It appears, that if the enemy is not immediately on screen AND not immediately close to you, the game with not allow them to attack. The enemies will move towards you so you cannot just sit still. New enemies will also not spawn until you look back into the stage area. I used this to circle and blindly attack with near impunity. There are risks and in general adds much more time to defeating enemies at the Very Hard difficulty. Using the Zanshin becomes less painful while not having the risk of getting attacked, but when you use it snaps the camera to the bleeding enemies and you have to be ready to move immediately. I ultimately used this on the dreaded Inferno Stage 4-4 in the video I uploaded. The concept is there, but there was a few "lucky" placements.




I really felt like I was not going to make it halfway through hard as not getting the feel of how the game plays and especially the Florish attack, but after enough practice and many adjustments I hope many others can get this Platinum added to their trophy lists

I'm just happy Santa brought me a Platinum Trophy on this day!

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