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Extra Tips For The Platinum


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Lemme get one thing straight that none of the guides seem to mention, this game is a god damn nightmare for anyone who's only familiar with racing games where the gameplay doesn't go any deeper than "JUST DRIVE FAST", so allow me to ease any stress by unloading every bit of knowledge I've gathered on my platinum journey:


First off, if you haven't already, CHANGE THE SETTINGS! Not just the difficulty, but the Driving Style too. Set the "Braking Help" & "Stability Help" to "ON", Set the "Car Damage Level" to "Light", "Brake Effects" to "Visual Only", and finally set "Gearbox" to "Automatic". PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT STARTING CAREER MODE WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE THE SETTINGS SO YOU WILL HAVE TO GO AND CHANGE IT BACK AFTER SKIPPING THE FIRST RALLY SCHOOL LESSON.


If you still feel uneasy about your skills or whatever, go for all the Quick Stage trophies first. Doing so will not only knock out the grindiest and rarest trophy in the game, but this will also be good for you to learn the tracks and controls without having to worry about the timer since you don't have to win the stages for it to count for the trophy.


The "Couch Surfer" trophy is really odd, both of the guides I've looked at told me I needed 2 controllers, but I was able to achieve it with just one. Plus the Offline Multiplayer menu layout is confusing as hell and the guides tell us jack shit on how to navigate it. Basically what you need to do is go to the "Car & Team" tab and Press Square on Player 2 (You might also wanna change their team although I have no clue if that effects the trophy or not), then just start and finish the race as both players. Again, I have no idea if a second controller is actually needed.


Finally, for the "Rally Driver" trophy (the one where you must win a race in Simulation mode). This trophy is a lot easier than it sounds since changing the Driving Style to Simulation Mode won't fuck with the difficulty. The easiest way to earn this is by going to the shortest track in England and finish it without leaving First Gear. 


Once you've got a hand on the game's mechanics then the rest of the trophies should be a breeze with a boosting partner for the Online trophies and the rest of the trophies unlocking as you complete career mode. Good Luck. 

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