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For anyone that's wondering why isn't getting invaded after killing all the worlds final boss: just set any password in the network settings to be randomly invaded again.


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I made this post just so no one else will lose 2 or more hours idle in the game just to get invaded by someone like I did for the last 2 days lol. 


In the original after you killed the final boss in a world you can no longer be randomly invaded. This seemed to be removed in the remake but after some updates they added this back in the remake too. 


Just set any password in the network settings ( for example I set the password simply "a" ) & after that I started getting invaded by random players again even with the final boss killed in the respective world. This for some reason bypass the final boss thing. 

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7 minutes ago, LukeTheGooner said:

longest title of a thread award goes to .............................

Mainly because if someone google this question or something close to it this may pop up in search at some point. 

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