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Stuntman trophy

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Hi the stuntman trophy doesn't seem to pop for me even though I have had 3.2 3.1 and 3.0 air time for multiple times now using this method: 

but it doesn't pop. It is the only trophy I still need that isn't drive this amount of kilometers. and it seems it might be glitched for me. Any one who has gotten this trophy and still now how they did it. The trophy is one of the least rare trophies so this is frustrating for me. 


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On 1/31/2024 at 10:40 AM, aninac said:

Hello, Tabuk 2021 rally, stage 6 Tabuk, around waypoint 10 go full throttle (200km/h) in a dune. I got the trophy this way. 

Yeah got it on the Snowrunner challenge first stage. There is a huge dune around the start which you won't miss. But thank you! This could help other people

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