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How to get the Platinum in this broken mess of a game

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Hello peeps.


This game has multiple issues still, despite a recent patch. So new players going for the Platinum trophy, be aware. There are mild spoilers following.


The good news first: Every single collectible in the game can be collected in different playthroughs, no need to find every hidden spot. You could restart the beginning of the game 13 times and collect the first bullet 13 times and you'll get the trophy. I really hope this will never get fixed, otherwise finding everything in the game would be an absolute nightmare.


The bad news is there are tons of super annoying bugs and glitches. Here's the stuff I encountered, I bet there can be more:

  • There is a room in Pennyfields, the Pawn Shop or "hideout" where suddenly in the postgame exploration stage I couldn't grab the exit handle anymore, so it was impossible to leave the building. Restarting the exploration mode put me back into that building, so that save file was basically broken at that point and I had to restart from a cloud save.
  • Another bug happened early on in the pub where all out of sudden the "hitbox" for grabbing any item got extremely finicky, I basically couldn't pick up anything anymore without trying 20 times. I immediately started a new game to fix it.
  • There are 4 shooting galleries you have to finish for a trophy (only one gold medall is needed btw. Some galleries are pretty tough, so don't go for all golds). The game only counts 1 gallery per run though. After you finished one on your current savefile the counter doesn't go up anymore. You have to reach the ending of the game and enter the exploration mode again to be able to add another gallery to the counter.
  • The exploration part after the story has you chase lockboxes around the levels. I had NPCs not spawn after picking up letters from such a lockbox, so the mission couldn't start. Leaving the area and coming back, then reading the letter in the lockbox again fixed the issue.
  • Other than that it's standard for stuff to fall through the floor or getting flung into the void, never to return. That was never game breaking though, luckily. But you better keep a tight grip onto lockbox keys.


So, here is what you should do:

Disable automatic cloud saving for the game.

Play the story while grabbing all collectibles you can find, until you are getting close to the end. That would be a final meet-up in the Bar, the Garrison, where you will pour drinks for Polly, Arthur and Thomas.

At that point, close the game and upload it to the cloud.

You should now be able to finish the game, do one shooting gallery and pick up some more collectibles in the exploration stage, as well as following the lockbox scavangers hunt to clean up all the corresponding trophies:

Fight on home turf

When In Limehouse...

Of Style And Substance

Our Lips Are Sealed

Spring's Come Early

About To Meet The Devil

We Own The City

It's easier to follow the trail by checking your diary frequently to check where the next lockbox or NPC will be found. These lockboxes are all red and their keys are always close by. The grey-ish lockboxes from the story mode are not what you are looking for here. After every lockbox you'll get a shootout and then a trophy.



After that you can redownload your cloud save, finish the game again, collect more collectibles in the exploration phase and do the next shooting gallery, rinse and repeat until you have all the corresponding trophies.

There are three spots in the game where you have to make a decision, but have to see both options through to get a trophy. The two later ones (regarding LIlly and Rowena) can be done back to back by quitting to the main menu after popping one trophy for one decision and using continue to get back to before the option and then picking the other. The first instance though, sparing silas, requires leaving the pub and thus saving the game, so you'd have to replay that chapter, but it's super close to the start. I believe killing him pops the trophy before leaving the pub, but it's not a big waste of time anyways. Chances are you'll have to start the game a few times to play the first few chapters anyways, because bullets don't seem to appear in the exploration phase after the game.

There is free chapter selection after the game, too. I think the only trophy that can be missed and has to be done in story mode is Beanbag Hat Trick, as that one only seems to register when first entering the market/fountain area in the Pennyfields. I couldn't get that trophy to pop while the area was burning or during exploration.


I hope this helps some people. The game isn't too bad, especially if you like the TV show, but there is a lot of polish missing and finishing this trophy list is way more of a hassle than it should be. GLHF!

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