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Complete Walkthrough & Trophy Guide


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Here's the link to the Google Doc: The Surge Walkthrough


So there are somewhat thorough story walkthroughs, but they neglect missable trophy details. There are trophy guides, but they don't tell you how to navigate the frustrating maze-like level design and where to pick up important things. So, I've edited all of the guides together, supplemented the information with things they're missing, and put it all in order so that you can get this Platinum done in the absolute least amount of time and effort. This will be like my guide for Beautiful Desolation that pretty much holds your hand through the whole thing


Feel free to use it, bookmark it, save it for offline use, etc. - and anybody with the link can leave comments to help other players



Difficulty: 6/10 (if you've never played a soulslike. 3/10 if you're used to the playstyle)

Playthroughs: 1.5 (via save scumming for two endings on first playthrough. 2 full playthroughs if that's not your jam)

Hours: 20-25


Feel free to leave comments here or on the google doc itself. If, for instance, there's a better way to do something, comment some thoughts or a video link that explains how to do it better. Let's all make this a one-stop shop. I had 9 youtube links open, the ign guide, and a few other pages while playing this and that experience sucked. So hopefully this guide helps with all of that


Happy hunting!


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2 hours ago, FellOmen said:

Awesome job. I was thinking of replaying the Surge games for platinum on PS5 but the many missables made it less appealing. I will use your work here and let you know how it goes 🫡

Thanks man, I hope it helps! My buddy BradWheelz just did it all using the guide so I can confirm it works (took him 31 total hours including all DLC trophies), just gotta make sure that before you beat the boss of an area you've done everything the guide says to do. If you have any questions feel free to message me on PSN and I can help clear anything up!

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Alright, got the job done with this to keep track of missables so thanks. The most obnoxious element of the game is definitely the level design. It tries to do the interconnected world thing, but that doesn’t work when everything is just similar looking corridors. Also how easy it is for enemy hitboxes to block you from passing by them. AND having to do that damn Black Cerberus set up for his gear only for him to have one-shot attacks. Now to see what’s up with the sequel 😄

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For real, the level design was atrocious. even on ng+++ i still got lost every where I went. The sequel does a much better job of directing players through the areas and not having so many pointless shortcuts and dead ends. Glad the guide helped you out! Definitely wish I had it earlier on to not need so many playthroughs due to missables

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