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Matchmaking Issues


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Me and 6 other buddies I found from this site gathered together to do Glorious Gladiator trophy. We are all at EU server but when we all queue at the same time they all match with each other but I can't. We tried so many times we can meet in hub etc. but I can't meet with them in bomber royale match. We managed to enter at the same time thrice but in all 3 times I got stuck in infinite loading screen. Anyone has any idea or any solutions? Please help me out. I reinstalled game changed my wifi and ethernet connection, restarted the internet.

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That sucks. I found that the loading was random. There were times where I’d be with the same people and times when they or I wouldn’t load in. The infinite loading screen is ridiculous. I found that if you let it sit the whole time it will teleport you back to the hub. The timing usually seemed to match up with how long a normal BR game lasts. My assumption is you are locked up until the game ends. I found if I let it wait out it would usually connect me the next game (not always though). Queuing into delve also seemed to break the infinite loading screen chain. I don’t have a real solution. Good luck my friend. I think perseverance is the key to that trophy.

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