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buying a dlc from another country's store


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So I recently bought a game from amazon but it's from Europe, I want to 100% this game but the DLC from my country's store is not compatible with the disc, I've never done it before but apparently you can buy the DLC on another account and play it on your main one.


I'm from Mexico and I'm trying to buy a psn gift card from uk but I can't pay with any of my debit/credit cards, any advice on how to do this?

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You'll need to create a Europe/UK PSN account and buy the DLC in that account for the DLC to be compatible with the Disc. Log into that secondary account and download the DLC to your console, then switch to your main account, play the game and 100% it.


I'm also Mexican and in regards to buying a psn gift card from the UK with a Mexican debit/credit card directly from the PS Store or on Amazon UK, that won't work. Best you can do is to pay with PayPal or buy one from CDKeys.com, where you can pay with any card (I've done it myself in the past before I moved to Europe).Insert image from URL


Ojalá que esto te ayude. ¡Saludos!

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