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TP Industries Arms Race Trophy


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Hi everybody,


why can't I buy the McKenzie Field Hangar? The icon is shown on the map, but when I am at the Hangar there is no sales sign where I can buy it. FYI, I have already made the decision to kill Trevor, but I didn't do the mission yet. Do I need to do the 5 land and air races before I can buy the Hangar, but I would guess then it would be said in the guide. 

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I know but when I am at the Hangar with Trevor there is no sales sign. But I can buy the cab business with Franklin und probably other businesses with Michael too. The strange thing is that even on an older save slot where I have completed 22 story missions (so shortly after finishing the mission "Nervous Ron" which unlocks the possibility to buy the Hangar) I am still not able to buy the Hangar with Trevor because there is no sign too. 

Does anybody know what to do in order to buy the Hangar or does it mean I need to start over. Maybe deleting every save slot. 

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