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Khamsin boss fight no damage - EXPLOIT (reveangence)

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I have just finished the Khamsin boss fight from the Blade Wolf DLC on revengeance difficulty level without taking damage. I have discovered a method to abuse the way Khamsin switches from stage 1 to stage 2 to force him to stay in his weaker stage (1) for longer. I will detail just the exploit, not the whole boss battle.

NOTE: I haven't tried the exploit on other difficulties. I assume it still applies, but the health percentages might differ.

Stage 1 ( 100% - 85% health)
- In this stage, Khamsin's moves are easy to anticipate. He has a "choreography", so to speak. You can easily learn Khamsin's moves by fighting him a few times. You have to get Khamsin under 85% hp as you would normally. You can get him even lower than that before he jumps in the air and I recommend doing so (I managed to get him to 80.00% HP once, but usually you can get him around 82.7%-81.3%).

Jumping State ( 84.99 - 60.00 hp)
- Khamsin will jump in the air and you will have to block an attack which will create some cover you have to use to get behind Khamsin and do a stealth attack. THIS IS THE PART WHERE THE EXPLOIT BEGINS. You can get behind Khamsin however you want, but I recommend waiting until he lifts his axe and then running behind him (he can't see you while attacking). Once you are behind Khamsin, DO NOT STEALTH ATTACK HIM (circle). If you do that, you will drop 15% percent of his health plus the damage you deal while dodging his spin attack (around 18% total) and Khamsin will enter his second stage, which has moves that are harder to predict.
- Instead do this: when behind Khamsin just attack him with square. After about 2-3 attacks, he will do his spin attack, as usual, and the fight will continue IN STAGE 1. Moreover, Khamsin will usually attack just once and then keep jumping in the air and force the stealth section to restart while he is above 60% hp. THIS IS THE CORE PART OF THE EXPLOIT. Keep attacking Khamsin this way until he is close to dropping below 60%. DO NOT DROP HIM BELOW 60%. If you do, he will enter stage 2 automatically. When he has around 61% - 62% health left, DO THE STEALTH ATTACK. Combined with the attacks that follow his spin attack, you should start stage 2 with a Khamsin that has 43% - 42% hp. This means that you won't have to fight Khamsin's unpredictable stage 2 moveset for as long. Once you drop him below 35% hp, another stealth section will start and we will enter stage 3.

Stage 3 ( 34.99% - 10.00 hp)
- Once you get Khamsin below 35% hp, another stealth section will start. I have run out of advice for you here. I just completed the section as usual, without using an exploit. Khamsin has around 17% hp left after the stealth section and the spin attack. so you should manage to defeat him. When he is below 10%hp, the quick time event will start.

Good luck! It was an annoying boss battle (not as annoying as Jetstream Sam: Senator Spamstrong boss battle). If you want a guide detailing his choreography, let me know. I have found no  mention of this exploit online when I did my research. If anyone else discovered it and posted about it, I apologize for repeating something that was talked about already. 

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