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Return policy trophy bugged.

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May sound silly but have you done exactly what the guide says:



This trophy is a tad bit tricky and it's not very clear, but in order to "return shots" with your void reactor weapon, you MUST level the Void Repulser up to level five, in which the gun will morph into the Void Reactor. Only then will you be able to return shots. You can buy this weapon from Ms. Zurkon.

So now that you have your Void Reactor leveled up to five, you can now return shots to the sender. In order to do this, you have to hold your shield up using the L2 button while an enemy or enemies are shooting at you, during which you will start to accumulate small purple orbs on your shield. Once you have enough orbs, your shield will turn "pinkish-purple". After you see this, you want to center your reticle directly over an enemy and press the R2 button, then shoot the small purple orbs back at the enemy.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you keep enough distance between you and the enemy when you shoot because you will more than likely kill or damage the enemy with the blast of the shield instead of the projectiles. Also, as an added note, keep in mind that the projectiles fired from the shield go directly straight and have zero tracking, so your aim has to be true.


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