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Questions in regards to going for the platinum (exploit included)

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Hi all, 


Bought this game ages ago and whilst I loved the whole Ghostbusters feel to it, it felt very janky and I was certain that playing on the hardest setting with such janky-idge would probably not be worth the hassle, so I never bothered putting it on my completion profile. Been struggling to find a game and for whatever reason I stumbled upon this forum again and noticed there is an exploit for the harder difficulty cutting down and entire playthrough all over again and just doing certain sections and then each boss fight. So with in mind I have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering them. 


1: If playing on the easiest setting and going for all collectibles and upgrades, do these upgrades stay when fighting the tough bosses during the exploit run or do the chapters revert back to whatever gear and upgrades you had back then?


2: If going for the 3 million damage on the easy playthrough, can you use the exploit to get the are you a god and nice shooting tex or does that not work?


3: If not does that mean you actually have to do two runs on easy, one for the 3 million damage and one for under 100K damage, and then you can do the level exploit?



Decided to start on professional difficulty just to cut playthroughs down. 

This is without a shadow of a doubt the worst game to feature AI team co-op. I cannot actually progress past the part where two ghosts appear on the New York street, because my AI team die and whilst I have one caught, it can still throw projectiles. The only plus side to it is that it keep allowing me to accumulate damage score, but after quitting out I don't know if it will stay. Man what a let down the game has been.  

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