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What are the name of each recipe that you get from Poncho, Huey, Celis, Rosetta, Maurice, Lanche, Dr. Zeff, Ginji, Miere, and Chou Chou?

Because I have 8 mystery recipes but I don't know who I got a recipe from and who I still need to get recipes from who I didn't completely satisfy with their favorite food dish.

I even made a video on what I was missing on youtube: 


I was able to find all the other fragments I was missing but there is still one I am missing, Fine Noodle Dish one. All the other ones like Cute Baked Good, Egg in a Golden Sauce, Sliced Fruits and Veggies, Egg Dipped Bread, and Mixed Fried Rice I was able to actually find. But I am still having trouble looking for the Fine Noodle Dish fragment 3 and I was looking all over google, not only did it help me find like actual restaurant food items, which obviously didn't help to not really helping me find what I needed to find. The only clue I have that the dish might be Cappellini but that's about it, nothing on how to find the fragments or what not and I really want to get platinum for this game. I am so close yet so far at the same time and it's very frustrating.

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I'm currently doing it myself and writing them down, but only have Poncho done. Another post on here in a different discussion had them written out of order, but I can't verify them myself yet. In order they are:


Poncho - Steak

Celis - Tom Yam Kung

Rosetta - Cream Cake

Maurice - Keema Curry

Huey - Lasagna

Chou Chou - Acqua Pizza

Ginji - Seafood Bowl

Miere - Fruit Sundae

Lanche - Gelato

Dr. Zeff - Spaghetti

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Just got the platinum. I can confirm those recipes are 100% correct, as I wrote all 10 down as I got them. Total playtime was 130 hours if anyone is curious about how long it takes, though I wasn't completely efficient since I was listening to podcasts for basically the whole playthrough. Oddly enough Chou Chou was the 9th person I got a recipe from and Lanche was the last, even though they were around the middle for everyone who posted about it. Lanche alone probably took me another 25 hours after Chou Chou.

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