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[Video] A song to help with Hail to the King trophy

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Hi everyone,
I thought I could share with those who are interested a link to a video I used to get the 1000 jumps with Vivi.
I was looking for a metronome or something to help me get past the 200-300 section, and I stumbled across a mix someone posted on Reddit :


I don't know who made this video so I can't really credit anyone, but if you recognize yourself then thanks a lot for the help.
I'd say it's a bit tricky to synch the first jump with the music but it's quite still doable and becomes easier the more you try. It's not perfect as some few parts are a bit confusing, but it really helped me getting above 300 jumps and keeping the rythm from here. I found easier to just give up on looking at the screen. I muted the TV and only focused on the music and unlocked the trophy in less than a week of practicing (one or two hours total).

Good luck !

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