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RPG Thing 7: The Movie: The Game: Electric Boogaloo


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So I found this thing from last year on my hard drive.


It's a text-based RPG. A very early revision of one, but still a text-based RPG.


So without further ado, I present to PSNProfiles...




(working title)

(sorry for the shitty title. wasn't really my priority let's be real)



In its current state, it includes (or will include - this is just what I'm thinking at the moment):


- a post-apocalyptic setting with fantasy tropes sprinkled on top of the icing;

- a system of character development and combat based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5;

- a vast array of options with regards to character customisation;

- an emphasis on player freedom which extends from engineering your own bottle cap gun to gathering a mercenary army in order to besiege and demand tithes from settlements;

- a noticeable sense of progression on your journey from teeny tiny baby baseball bats to big boy baddie-baggin' bazookas; and

- probably a bunch of bad puns.




It's all operated by your input! So please, have an input.


I'm really just posting this so that I can get some feedback on the presentation you can see so far,

and maybe I'll keep posting revisions here.

I suppose that depends on the reception I get. We'll see!




You can download the executable and the libraries it's dependent on (yes, it's in Small Basic)



You may need to know some things:


1) There is no end. The first battle is a simple test of the mechanics and there is no way to actually beat the enemy yet.

2) I neglected to mention within the game: to roll the dice and attack the deer, simply type "attack". Very simple.

3) The deer takes a long time to kill and needs nerfing. Once you have attacked once, you will have seen all that the game currently includes.


Thanks in advance for checking it out!





RPG THING 7: The Movie: The Game: Electric Boogaloo

(working title)
v0.01//God is Dead, and We Killed Him-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Player stats are functional albeit in a very unpolished state.
- Some sort of menu and one (unfinished) labeled instance are implemented.
- Combat is technically functional, although it requires polish.
- The test enemy continues to fight after it has been defeated.
- Almost all combat stats have been ported from D&D 3.5e.
- More intricate modifiers (eg. size) have not yet been implemented.
PROJECTED FUTURE UPDATE (v0.02//He is More Than a Man, He's a Shiny Golden God)-------------------
- The current menu is to be polished and the one functional instance is to 
be completed.
- The test enemy (deer) is to be severely nerfed.
- The win-state for battle (enemy slain) is to be implemented properly.
- The presentation in general (and, in particular, in battle) is to be 
polished according to feedback.
PROJECTED FUTURE UPDATE (v0.03//The Origins of Idolatry)----------------------------------------------------------
- Another instance is to be added.
- Character customisation is to be implemented, albeit in a very unpolished
- Dialogue and gameplay choices that affect player development is to be 
- A system of organising enemy data is to be implemented.
- This will most likely work based on referring to .txt documents.
- I am still researching this method (feedback appreciated).



tl;dr: here's v0.01 of my game tell me what to do with what I've got

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