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How combat works in Shining Resonance

Lady Lilith

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The upcoming Media Vision game ‘Shining Resonance‘, a new entry to the long runningShining series will allow the main character to turn into a dragon and along with a band of companions that fight using instrument-themed weapons. But how does the combat work?


The way you encounter enemies is real time like Grandia series or Chrono Trigger. You see the enemy and you approach to fight. You will then go into combat seamlessly.

SR1-150x150.jpg SR2-150x150.jpg

Now when you get into combat you will have the ability to play as one of the characters in your party and fight using attack combos in real time. You can also do special moves and magic attack depending on your character.

SR3-150x150.jpg SR4-150x150.jpg SR5-150x150.jpg

In the game you can play as Dragners, these are people that use magical weapons and can use a ton of different powers from nature. Below you can see the wind and fire attacks.


SR7-150x150.jpg Dragners: Wind Attack SR8-150x150.jpg Dragners: Fire Attack

The game obviously only lets you control one party member at a time, but NPC is suppose to be pretty ‘good’. But even if that isn’t good enough for your needs, you will be able to issue commands to NPCs for support.

SR9-150x150.jpg SR10-150x150.jpg

The protagonist in the game, Yuma, has the ability to transform into a pretty badass dragon in combat. But if you use him for too long he will lose control and go berserk, a risk you take using this powerful form.

SR11-150x150.jpg SR12-150x150.jpg SR13-150x150.jpg

Sadly, the game is only slated to be released in Japan this upcoming December 11th and exclusively on the Playstation 3. Want a western release? Gonna have to go bug SEGA.





Looks pretty cool.  I'm hoping that I can import this without much trouble if it doesn't come west (which I'm betting on, sadly)

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