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Longest Shot in the game?


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  • 3 weeks later...

  1. I have Now done 658m

EDIT... The 658 has logged in my service record stats as 657.82 ffs......Grrrr



Anyways....I done my first youtube video on how to do the 657metres shot...





Sorry bout quality but I used a £5 Capture Card (EasyCap USB) which records at 720p but as I only have the AV Scart RGB leads atm, I could only manage the basics...But hey its my first try at youtube videos.


The capture card for £5 works great on 720 (BluRay) as ive seen it working at that.


Unbelievable that I paid £60 for a roxio capture box in Maplins which only plays back 480p.


Maplin annoys me when it comes to prices...





If you copy this videos` link, open VLC media player, click file, open, open network stream, paste the link in and click play, you will get better quality and fullscreen playback options, and you can even save the file.

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