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Andre - The Big Time Baby Assassination, After Taking Over District?


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I have done most of the assassinations, this is the only main one remaining. The problem is, I have already taken over that particular district (not just Espina, but that whole island), so can't get Morning Star notoriety high there. Is there any way to still get it?


There are still lots of places I haven't taken over and I can find Morning Star in few places, I have tried getting my notoriety high enough there and then coming to Espina, but then I can't find any prostitutes to kill, streets become mostly empty, and any people that are there aren't prostitutes.


Any suggestions?

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Okay, finally got this with some persistance and luck.


The key was to get my Morning Star notoriety to 2 star somewhere in the city and bring them to Espina, had to make sure the notoriety doesn't go above that, or streets start to become empty, or if notoriety level is just 1, they don't always follow to other parts of the city. And as I had already gotten the upgrade that gets Morning Star's notoriety down quickly, it was difficult to manage that.

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