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Lingua France Mission:

I have S rank but want to complete the last objective which is extracting the 4 containers. I did the 4 containers with the fulton wormhole extractor, and I even captured the entire outpost. It did not give me 7/7 Task Complete.

Now when I go back the containers are no longer there. Also, I have completed the Target practice (ALL 7 OF THEM) a number of times, 7 to be exact and yet they keep showing up as New Side Ops? 


WTF is this games problem?. Also I have App Data 1,10 installed and the game is saying I am using Ver 1.09? 

Im 75% completed overall and 9 trophies to go for Platinum. 


Does anyone have an answer for this or any tips at all?Should I continue on to other missions with optional objctives to complete for S Rank and hope the containers respawn at some stage? I even deleted MGS from my PS4 and re-downloaded it and installed it.  BTW I am using the Disc version of this game if that makes a difference?


Help as I cant progress and this is doing my head in....\i even took screen shots as "evidence"  Here are my Trophies for MGS V http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3827-METAL-GEAR-SOLID-V-THE-PHANTOM-PAIN/snacklepuss


Thanks In Advance Folks

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