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The Laser Tracer Trophy

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This was my last Trophy before the Platinum. The Description say's "Avoid 4 quad-laser attacks in a row." Sounds simple. But it wasn't, the Trophy won't pop up. I searched the Internet but found nothing. Some Gamer said the Trophy is buggy. I think it isn't. Here is what I did for getting it. First turn off the In-Game-Cheats, especially the Invincible-Cheat.


After the second last Level you have to Fight Doof in his Sphere. In the Standard 5 Rounds in every Fight the Laser Beams are randomly. In one Fight there was 4 Times a penta Laser, but only 2 quad Laser. In another One came 3 quad Laser and no penta Laser. The Fight is limitless till you have to jump of the Sphere in the last Round. Don't do that till the Trophy pops. For the Trophy avoid every Laser Beams, jump up the Bombs or better avoid everything. In the 6 Round he starts with more Random-Attacks, avoid them. The same in the 7, 8 and so on. If you have avoid the 4 quad Laser Beams in a Row, the Trophy pops directly in the Fight. You don't have to finish him.


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